These projects are currently in development:




Summer SOULstice


Genre: Comedy/Drama  

Director/Writer: Aaron Woolfolk


A woman fed up with being on the losing end of an annual battle-of-the-sexes tug-of-war -- a century-long tradition that the men have always won -- tries to  rally the other women in town and come up with a plan for victory on the event’s 100th anniversary.

The Christmas Lights of Tosa


Genre: Comedy  

Director/Writer: Aaron Woolfolk


A quiet and lonely woman gets caught up in a rivalry between two

rural Japanese towns to come up with the best display of Christmas lights.

Pot Kettle Black


Genre: Drama  

Director/Writer: Aaron Woolfolk


A young police chief finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation

that threatens to tear his small southern town apart along racial lines.

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