These projects are currently in development:




Summer SOULstice


Director/Writer: Aaron Woolfolk


Genre: Comedy/Drama


A woman fed up with being on the losing end of an annual battle-of-the-sexes tug-of-war -- a century-long tradition that the men have always won -- tries to  rally the other women in town and come up with a plan for victory on the event’s 100th anniversary.

The Christmas Lights of Tosa


 Director/Writer: Aaron Woolfolk


Genre: Comedy


A quiet and lonely woman gets caught up in a rivalry between two

rural Japanese towns to come up with the best display of Christmas lights. 

Pot Kettle Black


Director/Writer: Aaron Woolfolk


Genre: Drama


A young police chief finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation

that threatens to tear his small southern town apart along racial lines.




Writer: Aaron Woolfolk 


Genre: Horror


Stella has spent the last three years at the forefront of The Great Demon War. She’s watched most of her colleagues and closest friends lose their lives in an epic struggle almost no one even knew was going on. But at last the war is won and humanity is saved. Now -- beaten up, mentally exhausted, and emotionally shattered -- all Stella wants to do is relax and enjoy a quiet little party.